The Importance of Men Having Annual Physicals

You may or may not be surprised by this, but men don’t always like to talk about their feelings, including potential health problems, especially if they’re feeling fine.

In fact, a recent national screening discovered that 33% of men don’t think they need an annual physical exam, and 65% of men think they’re naturally healthier than others in general.

To put it politely, those men are misguided at best. Here at Physician’s Medical Primary Care, we believe annual physicals are vital to men’s health — maybe even the most important. Here’s why.

Why annual physicals are important

An annual physical is preventative health care. The goal is to check your overall health and reduce your risk of illness in the future. Your doctor can obtain your complete medical history, assess your risk of developing any diseases that run in your family, and identify any areas of health concern now before they develop into bigger problems.

Making lifestyle changes to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure now, for instance, is better than waiting until you have a heart attack to make changes.

What to expect at your annual exam

Your physical will consist of several parts. You’ll fill out a questionnaire and talk to the doctor about your current lifestyle, habits, and any areas of concern you might have. It’s important to answer these questions honestly and accurately so your doctor will know what areas to focus on.

You’ll also undergo a physical exam, during which your doctor will check your vital signs and thoroughly examine your body to see if everything’s normal or if there are any areas that need further testing. They may also perform a testicular and prostate exam to screen for cancer.

Your doctor may also refer you for additional screenings based on your age and other factors, including a colonoscopy, lung cancer screening, or prostate cancer screening. They’ll also order blood work to check for any problems, and they can offer any immunizations you’re due for, such as the flu shot.

Benefits of an annual physical

The main benefit of a physical is to check your current health and prevent issues in the future. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that taking care of yourself so you can stay present and focused on your family. 

Regular checkups also allow you to develop a good relationship with your doctor and feel comfortable discussing any issues with them. You’ll stay current on your screenings, and you'll know you’ll have a medical home so your doctor can help direct care if any other problems arise.

If you’re due (or overdue) for an annual physical, our team at Physician’s Medical Primary Care is ready to help. Just call one of our two San Jose-area locations or use our easy online scheduler to book your own appointment anytime.

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